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Alternative Ideas to Defunding The Police

Nowadays when I look at social media all I see are strong opinions and ideas, and to be honest it scares me. The reason why it scares me is because when an idea gets traction, all other possible solutions to the problems we face are barely ever shown or discussed. So I wanted to present some of my ideas about the motion to defund the police in the city of Toronto. 
Being raised in Toronto, I've learned to accept the good with the bad like any city. Even as a child I had run-ins with the authorities which made me feel unsafe or uncomfortable. I have also seen the good that having a strong police system brings. Right now you must be thinking what good could the Toronto police possibly be doing. Well, I wanted to share with you the Youth in Policing initiative. It's an initiative run by the Toronto police service to help bring cops closer to the communities they protect. This initiative is a program that employs students from grades 9-12 in a be a cop for a day type program, but i…

Got a question? Poll it!

In this age of information and technology, it has become more important now than ever to use it to solve big problems. With the power of information, you can do a lot, even win elections, hence why politicians are now paying social media companies a lot of money to help brand them. On the other hand, it can be used to solve problems. This includes problems like world hunger and first world problems like which phone should I get. With access to information, you can target specific places that need food rations and also find out which is the best phone for your price range. So the idea is an app called poll it. How it works is that people, companies, governments, organizations can all post questions that they want to be answered poll style. Users will be able to answer these questions whenever they want and it won’t take more than a minute to do so.  A poll like who do you think will win the 2020 election in the United States. People can pick from a list of candidates and answer the que…

The Untold Power of Plants

Plants, they’re all around us, yet many of us walk by them every day without a care in the world. We label them according to appearance and usefulness, but they have so much more to give us humans. Such labels include weeds, perennials, ferns, and vegetable plants. We take the variety and quantity of them for granted but fail to learn about them. Plants do so much more for humans than we care to admit. Some uses include materials for our clothes, our medicine, and our nutrition.
With there being so many plants out there, it's hard to tell certain types from others and their names are so hard to remember. The idea is to create an app that contains all the plants that exist and their uses, facts, real-time native location, season, and important information like if the plant is medicinal or poisonous. This app will also have image recognition to help you identify plants in the field. Someone once said if we knew the ability of every plant and plant component (roots, leaves, flowers) o…

Rollable Solar Panels

Rollable solar panels are the future. Why? This is because they’re cheap and easy to make. Normal solar panels take much longer because of the structure and its materials. Conventional panels take a lot more metal and require more manual labor to be put into when making them. Rollable solar panels are kind of like making paper. I say this because it's all about putting a few layers together and smashing them good with each other. This technology is about as simple as a silicon layer and a few other metal layers in between two bendable sheets of plastic or glass. The impressive thing with this is that you can ideally make it as long as you want and as wide as you want.
This type of solar panel is great for several reasons, but the most prominent is the fact that the panel is rollable. This means that you can install and uninstall this device with no hassle; it’s as simple as rolling it up. Can you think of anything that can do the same? You guessed it from projection screens. Imagin…

Ugh.... Why are you wasting food

Food waste is a major problem in our society. Before we start, take a moment to think of all the times you threw something in the garbage just because you were full or didn’t like it. I know I’m guilty of it. The average human wastes a lot of food. Whatever the reason maybe it’s time to change for the better. For some reason, I feel like we can feed everyone in the world just with the food we’ve all wasted. But it’s not just us, major corporations and businesses waste way more food than the average human. What do you think happens to the food that doesn't get ordered at a restaurant? You may think it gets reused but In reality, it doesn’t and ends up in the garbage. Also the scraps from meal preparation are also an issue. 
What’s the solution, composting! Composting is a basic gardening technique where food scraps are added to soil with plenty of worms. The worms digest these scraps and give us nutrients rich soil that can be used for farming and gardening. This stuff is way better…

Soy Milk From A Cow?

So this is an idea that is very close to my heart because of Rotary. Rotary is an international service organization that has been making meaningful changes for several decades now. Everything from building schools to eradicating polio. (A link to them is here). So the reason why this organization is close to me is that I’ve been a part of my local rotary chapter at different levels for the past 8 years and after giving so many great experiences for me to remember, they deserve a shout out. The mechanical cow is an idea that Rotary helped create and I wanted to share it with you all today.  
So what is it, It's a machine that takes soybeans and water to produce soy milk. How does it work? Well, it takes soaked soybeans and puts them in a pressure cooker, and when steam is inserted into the system it pours out protein-rich soy milk and okara. This okara is the insoluble stuff but it can be used for bread among other things. Now, this system can be either run by electricity or by gas…

Farm up?

Agriculture is a staple for every nation In the world. The increase of conventional agriculture has caused forests and ecosystems to pay the price. To make way for these farms, corporations set fire to forests causing irreparable damage, and this is deeply saddening. Vertical farming is an idea that has been around for a while but has been kept hidden for most of its existence. Vertical farming is just what it sounds like. Farming with height instead of with a surface area like conventional farms.
Many designs of this type of farm have been presented over the years but some also come with their unique challenges(link to a few of them here). Some of these designs are so advanced that they contain automated water distribution controls, led lights in certain EMR frequencies, and internal climate control systems. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie right? 
The cool thing is these systems can provide any product and any time in the year. What’s cool is certain Michelin starr…

A Lakesized Battery

Hello everyone today I'm going to talk about a lake-sized battery as you know batteries are used to store electricity by typically using electrochemistry.  Batteries are important because they allow users to store electricity and use it whenever convenient. Now, as you probably thought a lake-sized lithium-ion battery, just sounds bizarre. Well, today I'm not going to talk about electrochemical batteries but instead a new kind of them. 
Gravitational batteries sound cool, right! We’ll there actually not out there from existing machines. The purpose of a gravitational battery is to store energy. When there is a surplus of electricity the grav-battery performs a task that goes against gravity (eg lifting something, or pumping something up). When there is a need for electricity the grav-battery releases the thing that it lifted or pumped. It then “falls” and charges an electrical generator sending that electricity back to the grid. 
Here let me give you an example, take a hydroelec…

Politicians for people

This is a lighter piece from my last one and before I start I just wanna thanks for the support I’ve gotten for this blog. So let us start with a great idea, this one is not revolutionary but is quite good. So the hypothetical here is if I became elected official (eg. district counselor) of a neighborhood how would I go about making change. We’ll before I start just to put it out there I do have dislike for politics only because it is so hard to make a meaningful difference. I hope this idea can help all politicians at least start thinking in the right direction and use innovation to make more of an impact. 
Let us get started, so I'm a newly elected official, first I start by going to all the high schools and gather students to help volunteer for me. This intern helps them complete mandatory volunteer hours and gets them a good experience for jobs. I’ll feed them and give them the recognition of course. So these volunteers will have a fairly simple job where they stand outside pub…

Non-lethal Weapons and Peaceful protesting

With all that's going on in the world, I wanted to first start by saying that it saddens my heart to see police brutality occur in the United States. I watched the video and my heart ached to see that man pinned down by 3 cops for over 7 minutes. To my eyes, it seemed unnecessary and the definition of excessive use of force. I got my security guard license recently and in the course, we learned how to properly apprehend someone, to the best of my knowledge what happened that day was way off the charts.
Now this being an idea blog I wanted to share some ideas with you to stop this tragedy from occurring again. The first being non-lethal weapons, Just how many times does an innocent need to be shot dead for us to commit to making this change. Technology has advanced so far that both the safety of the officer and the person in question can be safeguarded. I wanted to talk about guns that are not equipped with bullets but instead taser bullets. This technology exists and is relatively …