A Lakesized Battery

    Hello everyone today I'm going to talk about a lake-sized battery as you know batteries are used to store electricity by typically using electrochemistry.  Batteries are important because they allow users to store electricity and use it whenever convenient. Now, as you probably thought a lake-sized lithium-ion battery, just sounds bizarre. Well, today I'm not going to talk about electrochemical batteries but instead a new kind of them. 

Gravitational batteries sound cool, right! We’ll there actually not out there from existing machines. The purpose of a gravitational battery is to store energy. When there is a surplus of electricity the grav-battery performs a task that goes against gravity (eg lifting something, or pumping something up). When there is a need for electricity the grav-battery releases the thing that it lifted or pumped. It then “falls” and charges an electrical generator sending that electricity back to the grid. 

Here let me give you an example, take a hydroelectric dam for instance it typically just gets electricity from the natural flow of water. Well, hydro-grav-battery will have 2 reservoirs one a lot lower than the other. When there is a surplus of energy on the grid it takes that electricity and uses it to pump water to the higher reservoir. When there is a need for electricity it releases that water and it runs through a turbine to create electricity. 

The cool thing is this can store a lot of electricity and is relatively easy to build. There are other systems as well that used these grav-battery ideas and are listed (Here)(here). Imagine combining this with a field of solar panels. When there is plenty of sunlight to charge solar panels they collect all the energy and store it in the hydro-grav-battery. When there is no sunlight the hydro-grav-battery can produce the electricity needed like a symbiotic system. 

Now what about the environment, hydroelectric dams destroy wildlife habitats and migration of fish. Well, what if we used the water that we discard from mining trail ponds and other water that is highly contaminated with heavy metals. This wastewater is normally just sitting there left to decontaminate for years. What if we put it in a closed system that took this water and created a hydro-grav-battery out of it. It closed to prevent this water from leaking out and causing harm to nearby water sources or life. It is plausible, right?

Well, the goal of this technology is to ideally provide ways to store gigantic amounts of electricity and distribute it when needed. I think this idea has a lot of potential. If you know anyone that may be able to make it a reality, share this with them and help make it happen. Thanks for taking the time to read. Remember no matter the Idea, Share it!

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day—if you teach him to fish, you feed him for many days”



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