Got a question? Poll it!

        In this age of information and technology, it has become more important now than ever to use it to solve big problems. With the power of information, you can do a lot, even win elections, hence why politicians are now paying social media companies a lot of money to help brand them. On the other hand, it can be used to solve problems. This includes problems like world hunger and first world problems like which phone should I get. With access to information, you can target specific places that need food rations and also find out which is the best phone for your price range. 

        So the idea is an app called poll it. How it works is that people, companies, governments, organizations can all post questions that they want to be answered poll style. Users will be able to answer these questions whenever they want and it won’t take more than a minute to do so.  A poll like who do you think will win the 2020 election in the United States. People can pick from a list of candidates and answer the question. Now the back end of this is data, this data can be used to predict who's going to win. This is better than those tv polls as apps are much more famous and easy to use.  If politicians find out from the app that one area is doing worse than others, they can devote time and effort to make headway in that location. This can put an end to frivolous campaign spending and save taxpayers money. 

        The above is just for those politician types, as you know I dislike politics.  So the true use of this app would be to gather information on problems that you and I might face. Problems like, racism, bullying, unfair evictions, unfair crime stats, housing costs. How you may ask, well by answering a simple question like Do you know anyone, or have you experienced an act of racism in the last 6 months? If you poll and say yes, then giving that information to the government can mean targeted anti-racism campaigns in specific locations to prevent further incidents from happening. Things like placing a judge or a police chief in key locations as indicated by the app. This is to prevent abuse of power and a fair judicial system, no matter the race. If you are worried about miss use of such an app that can be regulated by an ethics board of some kind to ensure there is no foul play. 

        Even now with the coronavirus documenting cases has been crazy to track. Imagine if people get a poll that says; Do you or anyone in your family have symptoms consistent with the coronavirus? Using this information, health care and prevention methods can be targeted and it can allow people to get the help they need. Governments have censuses and surveys but they are barely accurate and timely, We have it in some government organizations are still using a census from 2011 to make policy decisions which to me is barbaric. So many changes every year, so shouldn’t we have an accurate system to document our concerns. 

        Now the concern is privacy and use of information and location. Well, to start you can mark location via postal code that way you can remain anonymous. In terms of privacy and information, all compliance standards will be met and your information will never be sold for profit. Instead, it will be given for free to specific parties based on the contents of the information. For example, if it's a poll about mail delivery times. The information will go to your local postal service in an actionable format. This is so they can easily implement a new program to help you get your mail quicker.

        Someone may say that people can troll and give false information about an issue just because they're bored. Well, I strongly believe that we can solve this once people see proper action coming from their polls. I feel like if people see the change they are more likely to step up and do the right thing. Also, algorithms and other features can prevent misuse.

        What's the significance of such a technology, well it allows us to gather information and use it to adjust our system quickly and methodically. This means change happens at a faster rate and is more accurately targeted, meaning that it ends up saving money. See it doesn’t need to be an app like Poll it! That does this type of thing. We do need something to help us speed up communication between regular people and the people who decide. That way we can make a meaningful impact together. Just think about it.