Non-lethal Weapons and Peaceful protesting

With all that's going on in the world, I wanted to first start by saying that it saddens my heart to see police brutality occur in the United States. I watched the video and my heart ached to see that man pinned down by 3 cops for over 7 minutes. To my eyes, it seemed unnecessary and the definition of excessive use of force. I got my security guard license recently and in the course, we learned how to properly apprehend someone, to the best of my knowledge what happened that day was way off the charts.

Now this being an idea blog I wanted to share some ideas with you to stop this tragedy from occurring again. The first being non-lethal weapons, Just how many times does an innocent need to be shot dead for us to commit to making this change. Technology has advanced so far that both the safety of the officer and the person in question can be safeguarded. I wanted to talk about guns that are not equipped with bullets but instead taser bullets. This technology exists and is relatively inexpensive. The idea is when you need to take down a person instead of firing an actual gun you would fire this way the individual would be hit with electricity and be unable to move for a short time. That would give the cops enough time to handcuff and place the individual in the vehicle. If you've seen the show S.W.A.T you've seen these guns in action. Also why can't we make the guns from Marvel agents of shield a reality as well, you know the ones that knock people out with a harmless gas.

Rubber bullets and tear gas should be used properly, rubber bullets are never meant to hit someone straight on. They were made to aim at the ground and bounce to their target, that way damage is reduced. Tear gas should be used as a smoke wall to prevent the advance of protesters and not shot directly into crowds of them. By creating a smoke wall you can effectively corner and contain protesters from rioting.  But seriously though there has got to be more solutions than the ones above and I feel like non-lethals should be a must for every cop and a go-to for every situation. Just look at Japan (For more information go to), they use non-lethals on the daily and it saves lives. Also, imagine catching a criminal alive instead of shot dead, think of how much information we can gain to stop future crimes. 

Lastly, I wanted to talk about protesting, here are some alternative ways you can protest that police can’t take riot action against without committing human rights violations. Organize your neighbors and your local community to hold balcony or driveway protests. The idea of this is if you can get enough people you can all protest the cause without leaving your home and still make an impact. Imagine 1000’s of people on the balconies and driveways protesting a cause by signs, yelling, hook up your speakers, and blast your message to the world.

Another form of protest is to pick a location that is important to a cause gather people and sit on the ground of that important place chanting peacefully. This is effective because you would be engaged in an activity that can be viewed as dangerous instead you would be sitting down with is a sign of peacefulness and you would be voicing your concern. If the authorities try to move you link arms and hold firm. It will make them look bad and help your cause. I say this because the alternative of rioting, looting, and setting things on fire does not help the cause and frankly, it can lead to more people getting hurt. So if you want to send a message try it this way. 

This is just my two cents and also my opinion and for more information on peaceful protests click here. I wanted to state the above because I'm genuinely worried about all that is happening right now. Destabilization is the last thing we need in a pandemic. Please, please, please before you do anything thinks about the greater good and how it might be affected by your actions. That way we can all go home to our families at the end of it.