Politicians for people

        This is a lighter piece from my last one and before I start I just wanna thanks for the support I’ve gotten for this blog. So let us start with a great idea, this one is not revolutionary but is quite good. So the hypothetical here is if I became elected official (eg. district counselor) of a neighborhood how would I go about making change. We’ll before I start just to put it out there I do have dislike for politics only because it is so hard to make a meaningful difference. I hope this idea can help all politicians at least start thinking in the right direction and use innovation to make more of an impact. 

Let us get started, so I'm a newly elected official, first I start by going to all the high schools and gather students to help volunteer for me. This intern helps them complete mandatory volunteer hours and gets them a good experience for jobs. I’ll feed them and give them the recognition of course. So these volunteers will have a fairly simple job where they stand outside public areas like grocery stores and malls talking to the people that pass by. They will ask each individual for a moment of the time to answer a few questions about the neighborhood. Some examples of questions include: How long do you or your children commute to school?, Do you have safety concerns about your building?, Are you able to access healthy food?, or Is there a certain intersection that is accident-prone?. 

Now the students will record this information and names and stuff are optional. So the student goes home and inputs the information into a custom made excel sheet. It’s custom made so that the counselor can look at it with ease and gather quick information about problems in the neighborhood. And it needs to be user friendly enough that students can easily find categories to input information into. Ideally, the counselor should be able to look at a specific prevalent topic in the community and find what the residents think about the topic in a glance. Say if I wanted to find a good place to build a school in my community, I would look at the excel document and look at the answer to the question. How long do you or your children commute to school? From those answers, I can speculate as to which area needs it the most and build accordingly.  

The idea is to be able to gather real-time information from the people you serve to make their lives better. The cost of this type of program is virtually nothing when compared to the impact it makes. This type of system saves time when it comes to finding where to build or fix something. The idea is to target the specific concerns of your constituents so that you can help make their lives better.  You also can pass that information collected on to other organizations that can make a difference even if you can’t. 

Say from your survey you find that people in a certain area are not able to afford healthy food. You can pass on that information to a food bank and local vendors that can help bring healthy food to that location. 

Overall this idea isn’t something new but it speaks to how politics should be done. Often politicians forget about their constituents and end up building something they don't even need. This type of program represents possibilities, gives students something to do after school, helps make specific differences in communities, and most of all are scalable to all sizes. 


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