Rollable Solar Panels

Rollable solar panels are the future. Why? This is because they’re cheap and easy to make. Normal solar panels take much longer because of the structure and its materials. Conventional panels take a lot more metal and require more manual labor to be put into when making them. Rollable solar panels are kind of like making paper. I say this because it's all about putting a few layers together and smashing them good with each other. This technology is about as simple as a silicon layer and a few other metal layers in between two bendable sheets of plastic or glass. The impressive thing with this is that you can ideally make it as long as you want and as wide as you want.

This type of solar panel is great for several reasons, but the most prominent is the fact that the panel is rollable. This means that you can install and uninstall this device with no hassle; it’s as simple as rolling it up. Can you think of anything that can do the same? You guessed it from projection screens. Imagine pulling a solar panel out where, and whenever you need, and being able to store in a compact space when you don’t. Handy right, given the fact that solar panels cannot work when it’s raining or cloudy out.

Now let us get to use our imagination, picture this. It’s a bright sunny day out, you take your solar panel container and you set it in your backyard. You then pull the solar panel out and it covers your entire back yard generating electricity for you. It is just a sheet after all, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it that big. It then gives you the electricity you need to pay off chunks of your electricity bill. Which is a worthy investment for the amount of start-up cost required. Now think even bigger, the number one problem with solar panels in deserts is that they are prone to getting dust on them. This would make cleaning a conventional solar panel a nightmare. We can clean rollable panels much easier because all you have to do is spray them with a light water spray and water evaporates. Another solution is to add a brush at the slot where the panel comes out and let it do the work every time you take out or pack your setup. Also, if you see a dust storm on the forecast all you have to do is pack up. Imagine this set up throughout the desert. Some say that if we covered the Sahara Desert in solar panels, we could provide electricity to everyone on earth.

A few more additions, let's put an exchangeable battery in each solar panel casing that can store the electricity produced. We can then collect these batteries and apply them to our grid while replacing the panel with fresh ones. Also, maybe we can add a sand emptying slot for the panel box if it's in the desert.

Now I know that the above was optimistic but I believe economies of scale is possible in this idea. I would be remiss if I didn't say some cons of this technology. Sadly rollable solar panels are not as efficient as conventional panels. Also, the start-up cost right now is pretty significant. Even so, I believe that with this technology we can apply solar panels to fields we never thought we could, like on the surface of a lake. I'm pretty sure these panels float due to surface area and that they are waterproof. The future is hopeful for all kinds of green technology and it's important to find the right ones. It has been said that the solution is not only in one technology but in the combination of multiple.

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