Ugh.... Why are you wasting food

Food waste is a major problem in our society. Before we start, take a moment to think of all the times you threw something in the garbage just because you were full or didn’t like it. I know I’m guilty of it. The average human wastes a lot of food. Whatever the reason maybe it’s time to change for the better. For some reason, I feel like we can feed everyone in the world just with the food we’ve all wasted. But it’s not just us, major corporations and businesses waste way more food than the average human. What do you think happens to the food that doesn't get ordered at a restaurant? You may think it gets reused but In reality, it doesn’t and ends up in the garbage. Also the scraps from meal preparation are also an issue. 

What’s the solution, composting! Composting is a basic gardening technique where food scraps are added to soil with plenty of worms. The worms digest these scraps and give us nutrients rich soil that can be used for farming and gardening. This stuff is way better than chemical fertilizer and doesn’t impact the environment with leakage into the water as chemical fertilizers do. This is a real problem in our day and age as ammonium and phosphorus end up in our water sources causing toxic algae blooms and a host of other problems. Composting has none of these bad effects and just as much of an impact. Sadly, not many corporations do this and I think it is up to us to do it for them or challenge them when they don’t. If you don’t have a city-wide composting service create your own in a plastic box or your backyard. All you need are worms and dirt with holes for air in the container. Preferably leave it in a well-ventilated area though. Just like magic in a few days, you have nutritious soil. 

Now there's another place we can target to reduce food waste and that's the waste of fresh produce that doesn’t look like how they normally look. This includes carrots and beets that are all bent out of shape or are too small or big. People throw this stuff away just for the reason of it looking funny. Talk about judging a book by its cover! Here are some solutions to this problem.

Firstly, use the funny vegetable by slicing it, chopping it, or blending it. I guarantee you’ll forget about the look and your customer will never know because it tastes the same. Another solution is to use it in your dish. Cooking is an art and weird shapes are more than welcome to spice up your presentation with an interestingly shaped eggplant or potato. You can also take the seeds of these vegetables that don’t look right and plant them because chances are they may have more seeds than the average vegetable. 

What's amazing is that there are stores out there that take these weird-looking vegetables from farmers and sell them at a discount price to consumers. This allows the consumer to decide to purchase these items rather than a producer throwing them out ahead of time.

Food waste is a systematic problem that needs to be addressed with supply chains. Efficiency and order need to be reintroduced to our system to make sure that people don’t go hungry. This is a multi-step process and can be achieved if consumers, producers, and governments work together.  So next time you look at a funny vegetable or have leftovers do the right thing. That way we can feed the world. 

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