10 Ideas To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Hands Holding Globe

            We are all guilty of not doing our part in the fight against climate change. It is funny how the pandemic is giving us the ability to walk back a very small amount of harm we caused the environment. The air is getting cleaner in some places and wildlife are inhabiting parts of the world that they once stood clear of. I think this is a chance for us to reflect on the impact that we humans have on the environment. So let's take this one step further here are 10 ideas to help you save the earth!

  1. Use Fluorescent Bulbs: Fluorescent bulbs have been around for a while yet whenever I walk around I always see Incandescent ones. Fluorescents not only take a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs do but they last longer. They are also brighter by comparison. I do go to admit I have an incandescent light bulb in my room but I’ll change mine if you pledge to find the ones in your home and change them as well. By doing so not only will you reduce your energy bill but also your carbon footprint. Hey, how many people does it take to change a light bulb? Only one eco-minded person.

  1. Turn off your computer at night: Ok I’m personally guilty of this one. For most of us, we hate restarting computers every day. But honestly, it drains so much energy you can save about 40 watts a day just by powering it down and unplugging it. Sure it’s a hassle but isn’t the earth worth it for all it does for us. I think this also goes for any other appliances or hardware you have at home. You’d be surprised how much energy they use when not in use. This also is a great chance for you to save some money on your electric bill.  

  1. Recycle: Now this is something that most of us do, but some of us do this incorrectly and that results in more harm than good. Most of you guys know that you have to separate your recycling buy category but this sorting differs from place to place. Thus by incorrectly sorting your recycling, this can cause it to end up at a landfill instead. Most recycling plants aren’t equipped to sort through all your recycling. If they find something that is where it is not supposed to be they may just chuck the entire bag in the landfill pile. I heard this from people that worked at the local plant. So google your recycling service provider and follow they’re instructions on sorting your recycling. For a little bit more work you can make sure that recycling doesn't go to waste.

  1. Go vegetarian: The fact is that vegetables take considerably less water to produce than beef. Now, this is difficult for most so I have some advice. For me, due to religious reasons, I don’t eat meat on Friday and it has been that way since I was a kid. So I suggest just for 1 day a week, or more if you want, be vegetarian to help save the earth. Now that's not that hard because many of us do a day of being vegetarian without even thinking. Not only does this help save the earth but also saves some cash in your wallet along with the added benefit of being healthy for you. So give it a try. 

  1. Printing: Many of us waste paper all the time, a simple idea to solve this is just to use both sides of the page. Also, next time you go to the store try to buy that 100% recycled paper. After you're done with your pages remember to recycle them so they can be used to make more paper. Buy the book online instead of the print copy as well.

  1. Take shorter showers: Now ask yourself how much time does it truly take you to clean yourself. Now contemplate the extra time you spend in the shower. It's weirdly a lot right! Stick to shorter showers and in this hot weather, a cold shower wouldn't be the worst thing. It takes energy for water to heat up so the colder the water is the less energy you will use. This saves on your hydro and electricity bill. Look up the benefits of a cold shower. 

  1. Take the stairs: How many of us are so lazy to go up 2 floors that we end up taking the elevator. Umm….I’ll be honest I'm guilty of this. This also takes electricity thus harming the environment. Taking the stairs is not only better for the environment but also gives you a workout at the same time.

  1. Plastic Bags and other plastic conveniences: This is something that wreaks havoc on our oceans and marine life. Get cloth reusable bags for as cheap as a dollar because they hold more and you can use them for a long time. Go for metal straws, forks, and knives whenever you can. Also make sure to recycle any plastic packaging, rise it if you have to. Simple changes goes a long way.

  1. Create a home garden: this can be as simple as a few herb plants to a vegetable garden. This allows you to ideally grow your food. It cuts down on costs as well as the added benefits of being organic. In a world where you put carbon out into the world, your plants can walk some of that back. Plus fresh herbs are the best!

  1. Car travel: Carpool, Carpool, Carpool. In a world where cars have 5 seats, why is only one being filled? That's a 20% efficiency rating. Going to the store well, take a friend with you. Going to work, pick up a co-worker. You can split fuel costs and have company while you're at it. I think this is something that rideshare has made better. In densely populated areas rideshare now allows people to pick up people going to nearby destinations. Allowing you to make your commute while earning some money on the side. Pretty worth it if you ask me!

        In all just be mindful. Small things we do can make a big difference in helping stop climate change. People often think “what can one person do” but if everyone ignores that and follows some of the suggestions above miracles can happen. Just look at what Corona taking cars off the road did for the smog covering cities. You can make a difference!