10 Ideas To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

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This post is gonna be a bit different than the previous ones. With all, that's going on in the world taking care of your mental health is important. So I present 10 ideas to help last through the tough times. These ideas are in random order.

  1. Drinking tea: Tea naturally has a calming effect allowing one to relax and reduce anxiety. What good about tea is that there are so many different kinds. This allows people to be able to pick and choose which one they want to drink at any time. It's customizable comfort. Here are some herbs and their effects on tea.

  1. Find a hobby. For me, this was blogging. Hobbies allow us to stay busy in a time where most of us are stuck at home. It can be something simple like baking, or something complex like starting a youtube channel. Hobbies naturally keep you happy and allow you to pass through the long hours of the day. Here’s a list of hobbies!

  1. Exercise: Time and time again exercise has been proven to help improve your mental health. Just 30 mins a day is enough. Since most of us are stuck at home, here are some suggestions: 

    1. Get a skipping rope, this allows us to get some cardio in all the while standing in one place. It's also really easy to do and you can have fun with it. I like to skip while watching a TV show so that I don’t get annoyed by the length of time.

    2. If you need to go shopping or get food just walk or bike there instead of taking a car or public transportation. A nice walk helps you process thoughts and emotions aiding in mental health recovery. 

  1. Do your chores: I can even remember the amount of time I just decided to get up and clean my room. Sure it's a lot of work but the final product gives you something to be proud of. This sense of accomplishment allows you to get a little kick out of your day. There's just something about a cleanroom that makes you feel good about yourself. Clean space = Clean mind

  1. Hygiene: Just like doing chores taking care of your hygiene allows you to gain a sense of accomplishment. I find that taking a long shower is extremely helpful. I got a few of the ideas for this blog when showering. Brushing your teeth and grooming allows you to kill time as well as gain self-confidence and self-respect. I feel good when I style my beard even though I'm at home. This allows me to feel fresh and gives a good amount of confidence.

  1. Entertainment: Watching, reading, or listening to music, help to distance yourself from your thoughts and emotions. These methods give us substitute emotions that we can process instead. If a character in a show is overcoming an obstacle it kinda gives you the ability to do the same with things in your own life. It is kind of like the medium is taking your mental state and giving you a microdose of it. Allowing you to gain immunity and finally combating anything that may have been too hard to handle at an earlier point in time. 

  1. Proper sleep: Making sure your waking up and going to bed at the same time every day can aid in preventing mental health issues. Good sleep is directly related to good mental health. Sleep can be also used as a tool to deal with overwhelming emotions or thoughts. I like to think of sleep as a reset button. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I just head to bed for a fresh start. When I wake up hours later I just do it as a reset to the day allowing me to calmly go through everything I need to do.

  1. Reach out to friends: Humans are social beings so we need people especially when we are all stuck at home. Call up a friend and have a random chat. Video chat with them or play a game together. Socializing allows you to connect with another person that may be in the same situation as you and you can face stuff together.

  1. Eating healthy, Eating healthy allows the body to get the nutrition that it needs to function. It gives us the energy we need to go about our days. I find that eating healthy allows me to “run on a cleaner fuel” allowing me to feel good mentally. It is also important to treat yourself. A treat does wonders for your mental health, it just gives you the boost you need. Everyone has their comfort food, and there is no harm in having it when you feel like you need it. 

  1. Get off of social media and news channels for a few days, now more than ever it is important to limit yourself when using these platforms. Purely because right now there is so much toxicity and negative emotions. It's kinda like when they say “Show me your friends and I can tell you who you are. People with negative energy bring that into your life and harm your mental state. Social media right now is the same. There is far more negative energy than positive right now. So by restricting access you can stop that negative energy from harming you. Just take a break and go look at cat videos on google, it does wonders.

Overall, I think this is a good list to get started. Take care of yourself because you are important and loved. Take it one step at a time and stay healthy! 


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  1. Taking care of your mental health is the topmost priority😊😃 Thanks for sharing these tips

  2. I think people underestimate the power of sleep and exercise on keeping yourself mentally healthy.

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