5 Ideas To Help You Live Longer

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                Most of us have the dream to live a complete and full life but sadly many of us pass before our time is up. Some of this can be attributed to “acts of God” like a car accident or natural disaster. What I want to talk about today is some ideas that when used will help you extend your life expectancy. 

  1. Diet: Let me start by saying that there is no magic diet to make you live longer. Common culture will say go keto, paleo, or high carb. Even so in reality, there is no definitive proof that those diets extend your longevity. When examining centenarians, it is found that the best diet is a balanced one. A balanced diet means including carbs, protein, sugars, vitamins, fats, minerals, all at appropriate levels. This means make sure you're not eating too much protein or too little carbs. It's all about balance. The perfect diet for any individual is one that is made when the individual understands their body and how it works. Some people need more sugar in their system because of low energy, some people need to limit carbs because it makes them tired, and some people need more vitamins and minerals because they just aren't getting enough. The idea is to study your body and give it what it needs and just what it needs. Writing in a diet journal is perfect for monitoring your eating habits and making sure you're getting all the things you need. So next time forget about the fad trends and instead listen to your body and remember not to focus too much on your sense of taste or cravings. Like anything else, diets need to be done responsibly to live longer.  

  1. Walking: The people that live the longest have one thing in common. It's that they always go for walks. This is just a short or long walk around the neighborhood. Try to at least do 30 mins a day for at least 5 days a week. The benefits of walking include the burning of calories, good for your mental health, higher metabolism, lean muscle gain, destresser, and allows you to breathe in clean air. So just go out for thirty minutes and take in your surroundings, allowing yourself to feel more grounded and live longer.

  1. Stress: Now this is a big one If you look at people who live long. They tend to live in areas of lower stress. The more stressed you are the faster you age. If you look at high-stress individuals they naturally look older than they already are. The only course of treatment for this is to remove yourself from a stressful environment. Many of us can’t make this decision. So here are some things you can do: Meditation, yoga, walking, taking time off from work, or limiting high-stress events. Make sure to enjoy the little things that make you happy and allow yourself to deal with these stressful situations healthily. Just remember Hakuna Matata “ it means no worries” it's our problem free philosophy.

  1.  Be proactive when it comes to your medical health: We live in such a time of technology and innovation especially when it comes to modern health care. Modern health care can find problems with your body and mind before they become problems. But only if you are proactive about it. Forget about the limits set on getting precautionary exams done. Try to do them as often as possible and log the results. This is stuff like and allergy exam, regular blood tests, urine tests, medical imaging, prostate exams, and the like. Think of it this way the more information you gather on your body the better you can adapt your life to live longer. An example of this is that if you take a blood test and find out that you are borderline diabetic, you can make choices in your life to stay away from diabetes. Same goes for the early detection of cancer, or the series of genetic tests you can take to make sure you can combat genetic illnesses early on. With such technological aid available you can make sure to live longer. 

  1. Don’t put stuff in your body that will damage it: Now this is a broad category but it includes things like cigarettes and alcohol, all the way to, heavy metals, and tanning beds. There’s so much that is toxic for you out there, make sure you stay clear. Why? Well, a lot of these things can damage your body and shorten your life. This can range from cigarettes making it difficult to breathe to breathing in asbestos at work and getting severe lung damage. Thus, by staying clear you can make sure to live a happier and healthier life. 

            In all these are just solutions to the life expectancy problem that are actionable. By following these ideas you can expect to live a happier and healthier life. I want to say that if you manage to live that long just no it is truly an amazing experience. There is nothing more rewarding than living long enough to see your great-grandchildren. Think of it this way: Challenge yourself to live as long as you can to make it to the age where they either invent immortality or cryogenic chambers. Thanks for reading!