5 Ideas To Make a Meaningful Impact In Your Community

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A lot of us have a community belong to, but many walk by them everyday moving onwards with life. To make a difference in the world one needs to only start with the people around them, their community. So I decided to come up with the following ideas to help you better serve the people around you. 

  1. Volunteering: Now, to keep this concise, volunteering, in this case, means helping any local place with your time. For example, serving food at a soup kitchen, or picking up trash. Volunteering is such an amazing thing to do for your community because it brings so much personal satisfaction to both the volunteer and the community. It’s something that illuminates the faces of strangers and helps form everlasting bonds with others. Volunteering is giving time to help someone with something. Some of the benefits of volunteering include improving your resume, personal satisfaction, building relationships, and networks. The thing about volunteering is that it is really easy to get started. Just find an organization in your community that spends time serving people. More often than not they are leaping at the chance to get more help with their projects. Take the first step, get out there, and give your time.

  1. Sports: Not everyone is good at sports but if you are then you have a really good way to start making an impact in your community.  How you may ask, well; a lot of communities have local sports teams. Bring your talent forward and join these teams. The impact of this is that local teams bring pride and joy to their community. This allows people to gather and thus improving community morale and relationships. Sports teams also look good to both employers and schools, but most of all they keep you healthy. So get out there and join one!


  1. Advocacy: Advocacy, in this case, boils down to raising awareness for a cause or issue that affects your community.  It also means to help take action against these issues or causes. Everywhere in the world, there are problems, so for sure in your community, there is something you can advocate for. Some examples of this range form complaining to the local government about potholes to protesting police brutality. Using your voice to help your community is one of the hardest things to do but if you build the guts to do so you will see everlasting change.  Plus everyone likes better road conditions.


  1. Donate: Whether that be money or items, heck it can even be your blood. Donations keep communities healthy. You can give money to the local charity so they can buy winter jackets for the homeless or better yet, give them your old jackets. So many of us buy nonperishable foods that we don't use, so why not donate them instead. Everyone has rough times and just knowing you helped someone during theirs is so rewarding. Also, there are major blood shortages everywhere. Blood is something that completes the karmic circle. Think of it this way the blood you give now will be repaid to you when you need it most. So donate.    

  1.  Use your skills: We all have something we are good at so why not put that to use in helping your community when you have spare time. If you're a graphic designer, why not offer to make a poster promoting a cause, or foundation in a local newspaper. If you're a police officer why not hold a safety demonstration for young people. There are so many possibilities with this and all make you grow as a person. They say those who help their community get small miracles sent back in their direction. You never know who will see your work. Most of all over any possible reward there is one thing you will feel, that is a sense of belonging and purpose. That feeling is the best in the world. 

So, I ask you to get out there and help your community. If each person makes a positive impact in their community, together we can make a positive impact in the world. I would like to end off with this. Thanks for the immense support with this blog, please take the time to comment and share with friends. Also, I got every social media linked to this blog so follow me there as well. Together we will change the world!



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