5 Natural And Renewable Sources To Harvest Electricity

5 Natural And Renewable Sources To Harvest Electricity

Energy is all around us and in the natural movements of this world. It can come from all sources and sizes. The ideal is to allow us to fight against climate change with alternative energy sources. You may already know most of these but here they are.

  1. Volcanoes/Geothermal energy

We have this bounty of energy beneath us that we can use. A typical electric generator uses steam to turn the generator in turn producing electricity. To create this steam water needs to be boiled in large quantities. Coal, oil, and natural gas are some of the main sources of fuel for these large scale boilers. As you know they are extremely bad for the environment as they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Now we have a natural heat source on this planet that has no rival and that's volcanoes. Included in these categories are guizers, magma chambers, and other volcano-related phenomena. This heat can be used to boil water to produce the steam needed for the generator. Such a feat has been accomplished by Iceland. They have successfully harnessed the geothermal energy of their surroundings to produce electricity for many cities. 

One thing that I feel is that Ice land should start to expand its geothermal energy plants and produce so much energy that there is an excess. This is so they can start selling their renewable electricity to other countries. Battery technology can help make this transition of sharing renewable energy possible. 

One downside to this technology is that there can be CO2 and other gases produced from getting this geothermal energy. Iceland has an amazing system to deal with this by taking the gases emitted from this energy source and sequestering it back in the ground. This allows carbon to combine with the volcanic rock layer, permanently finding a home for it. Geothermal energy should be a must to any country that has access to a geothermal heat source. That way people can transition away from fossil fuels.

  1. Waterfalls

    Gravity is a wonderful thing, It allows us to produce energy from things that fall. Well, water falls and we need to use this to produce electricity. There are many methods to go about this but the most common one is to build a hydroelectric dam downstream to a waterfall. This allows us to take some of the waterfall's kinetic energy and transform it into electricity. The Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station does just this as it diverts water from the Niagara falls and uses it to produce electricity. Waterfalls are an easy source for electricity and can help power many nearby cities if harvested wisely. We do need to make sure that we pay respect when building these dams to not destroy the natural ecosystem along with maintaining the beauty of waterfalls. 

  1. Sunlight

The sun gives us free energy and it is our job to harvest it. That's why solar panels are so important when producing electricity for a city. Elon Musk has done a wonderful job of doing this by creating roof tiles that produce electricity via solar panels. Solar panels or photovoltaic cells may not be that efficient but they are way easier to produce than mining for coal. In time with economies of scale one can produce solar panels that are a fraction of the cost they are now, but to do this we all need to push for the solar revolution. Talking to your local politicians and buying solar panels will allow the product to be more affordable for everyone. Its free electricity, all you need to do is put in the initial investment and maintain the produce. Think of it as having a car but your fuel is free. Worth it right. 

  1. Wind

Now as I look at this technology, it has improved a lot. Wind turbines are now easier to build than in the past. It all started from the windmills that ground flour and now wind turbines produce electricity today. There are a lot of different variations on wind turbines and some even look like works of art. We need to be mindful of birds when building these turbines as they can get hurt from flying into the windmill. This resource is another way to easily gather the electricity needed to power a city.


  1. Waves, ocean currents, and tidal forces

This takes the word ripple effect in the literal sense. As ripples of water can drive a generator and produce electricity. There are many different designs on this device as the technology is very new. The ultimate goal of this type of electricity is to take the power of the natural flow of water and transform it into electricity. These designs range from a water turbine catching currents to attaching a generator on a buoy creating electricity from wave movements. Such a technology can be scaled so easily to cover much of the sea that we are not using. Keeping marine life in mind I think we can make this a great source of electricity for the future. 

In all, we have options for electricity. It is important to find one that is good for the planet while meeting our needs. For this research and development is a must. The thing is each one of these sources allows us to produce enough electricity that will pay back the initial investment 100 fold. Do your part and make the above our new sources of electricity and forget about fossil fuels. Talk to your politicians and scientists and leap to a better future. Let us create a great future for our children.