5 Simple Ideas To Help Save Bees

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Save the bees was a huge movement both last year and a couple of years ago. Where has all the energy gone? Bees still need our help. So here are 5 things you can do to save bees.

  1. Plant organic bee-friendly plants and flowers: GMOs plants are unpredictable; you never know if the side effect of genetic modification can cause harm to bees. Also, you don’t want to make a bee’s job harder for them by planting plants that are a natural deterrent to bees. For example wormwood, mint, and cucumber. So support your local bees by planting appropriately. (Here's a list of bee-friendly plants) 

  1. Don’t use toxic persistent chemicals in your home and gardens: If they are bad for bees they're probably bad for you as well. There are better alternatives when choosing to use toxic chemicals. Some plants do it naturally, and I'm pretty sure you can get non-chemical solutions to whatever you're facing. 

  1. Support local sustainable agriculture: Local sustainable agriculture can house up to 50% more healthy bees. Bees are the cornerstone of our ability to grow food but we are also the cornerstone for their livelihoods. So support your local farmers.

  1. Purchase raw organic honey from local sustainable beekeepers: Now this is a big one, buy supporting raw organic honey you can push the demand away from the cheap corn sugar alternatives. Not only are these fake alternatives bad for you but they take your money and put local bees at a disadvantage. This raises the price for natural honey and Factory made honey gets more profits. Raw organic honey is so much healthier and frankly tastes way better. It also supports the growth of bee populations. So next time you go to the store to buy the bee-friendly alternative.

  1.  Tell your local garden store to stop selling bee-killing Insecticides pesticides, and chemicals: Have y'all ever watched the bee movie. Well, that's what happens if bees go extinct. That's bad. So please stop using the stuff that kills them. Make the suppliers around you aware of the damage they are causing and protest to change their ways. (Here’s a list of some bad pesticides)

Overall, It’s important to advocate for the little guys that do so much for us. So look over the steps above and find how you can make a difference to save bees. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Excellent ideas there, Mal, thank you. We certainly need to do more to help our bees. We've found that the bees in our area absolutely love our lavender plants!


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