Azolla Event and Climate Change

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                So this is going to be more of an advocacy post for climate change. Let me start by saying that the earth existed before us and it will continue to exist long after us. Human activities create the climate change that we experience now. While some people still deny this statement, every science educated individual knows this to be a fact. This post will talk about the Azolla event 49 million years ago and as gives us insight into our current global situation. 

        The Azolla event is an event that occurred 49 million years ago in the middle Eocene epoch. Before this event, the world was so hot that there could be palm trees and alligators on the north pole. Now the earth was hot, mainly because of the carbon dioxide produced from volcanic activity. It was so much CO2 that it made the earth a sauna. Now the reality is humans can’t live in these conditions, but reptiles can, and in fact, they were quite prevalent during this time. 

        Well, what does this mean? It means that the earth has experienced climate change many times. Both global cooling and global warming. The one thing all these events have in common is the fact that it has everything to do with the amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Too much CO2 means higher global temperature and too little means a lower one. Fast forward to 2020, now the main point simply put is that we are currently terraforming the earth for our reptile counterparts. So keep putting that CO2 in the atmosphere and one-day dinosaurs will make a comeback. 

        Now I do want to say, that eventually, the world will come back to being habitable after reptiles rule the earth once more. That's exactly what has happened in the past with the Azolla event in the Eocene epoch. Azolla is a fern that grew rapidly in the north pole at the time. Plants are known to take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and that's exactly what happened in the case of the Azolla event. The ferns grew so rapidly that all the carbon dioxide was taken in from the atmosphere. Also, when these ferns died, they brought the carbon with them to the bottom of the ocean. Less carbon means cooler climate, and once again reptiles died off making way for small mammals. 

        The main idea from this is that with or without us life on earth will continue to move on. Climate change is not an animal problem, it's a human problem. Most animals will do just fine by migrating or making way for different, more adapted species. So the onus is on us humans to keep the temperature of the earth survivable for our kind. Think of it this way we humans are the volcanoes of the past spewing that CO2 in the air unless we find a way to take most of that back we may cause our extinction-level event. 

        There is hope, because of the Azolla event we now know it is possible to reverse climate change. So why not create a controlled event of our own where we create giant plant reservoirs that allow us to offset the carbon we are emitting. It's not a wild idea and currently, researchers are doing many projects using plants to reverse climate change.  You can contribute by planting trees and other plants to help the cause. Think of it this way we either partner up with the plants to keep the reptiles out or we let the reptiles take over leaving us in the dust. So I challenge you to offset your lifetime of carbon emission by planting enough to cover your share. Maybe do a little more while you're at it. 

           Climate change is man-made this time around which means it can be fixed by man-made innovations. So lets all brainstorm ideas and work together to make plants a larger part of our lives. That way for the next 49 million years we will still be living on this planet.  Thanks for reading. 


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