Drop Tree Bombs To Save The Planet

Drop Tree Bombs To Save The Planet

So this idea is what it sounds like. I've talked about climate change in my blogs. Mainly because it's something that I’m passionate about. I truly feel like the solutions are out there and we just need to make them happen. One such project is using aerial reforestation to restore forests. 

Trees are a lifeline of this planet, in the age of climate change. We can only plant so many trees by hand and it is not a cost-effective method for regrowing forests. Trees act like carbon sinks taking the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen for us. What is great is that the carbon produced is ideally returned to the ground. This allows these plants to aid in reversing and mitigating the devastating effect humans have on the environment. Also, trees help maintain water levels in the ground as well as prevent erosion. Don’t forget how amazing they can be as a habitat for creatures of all kinds. 

Aerial reforestation is exactly what it sounds like, reforesting the earth by dropping seedlings from the air. Sounds harsh I know, but it’s a great project because it allows us to plant a massive amount of trees in a short time, all the while being cost-effective. Now I know the planes produce a lot of problems for the environment. But the result of tree bombs is worth it. According to Tree Hugger, there are approximately 2500 old military planes that are just sitting around in airport hangers all over the world (over 70 countries). 

These planes were made to drop aerial bombs for war, which honestly speaking is terrible. I believe good karma can come from such a despicable tool. Ideally, with this technology, we can plant as much as 900,000 young trees a day.  With better technology, I think we can plant about 1 billion trees a year. That is 3000 square miles or an area three times the size of Rhode island full of forest.

The technology for the sapling delivery device can imitate a bullet looking structure made up of nutrients that the sapling needs. The casing can also be biodegradable. That way, the sapling pierces the ground and allows for optimal growth conditions, which are kind of like human-made seeds. Now rest assured this technology is no excuse for deforestation, and I would like to make clear that mass deforestation needs to stop. This technology is to make amends to mother earth for all that we have taken. 

Such a project has been successfully completed before to regenerate mangrove forests after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. This project has been successful and has caused aerial reforestation to gain more credibility. It is up to us to take the initiative to make a difference. We spend so much money on military expenses, why not put that to good use and help regenerate the planet. It is also a great show of peace and a demonstration that tools can be utilized for good. Remember, a knife can be used to kill, or to cut fruit. It is how we use the tool that matters.