I was once asked the question “If I had the chance what would I be the patron saint of? ”. I responded with the patron saint of potential. Why, because everything around us has potential especially humans. We have the potential to do anything we want with our lives and can create beautiful things with the time we have. The idea I wanted to share today was something called E-Legacy. In a one-liner, it's a place where people can tell their stories in a video format. The goal is to allow stories about someone to be passed on to the world even after they pass. The sad truth is we can pass away at any time and I believe the greatest thing we can do as humans is to leave something behind that will honor us and remember us through the test of time. When someone passes away potential is lost, knowledge and wisdom are lost as well. There is a saying from coco, a great movie, which is that you die twice. The first time is when you actually pass away and the second time is when your existence is forgotten. This makes me sad beyond belief. So ask yourself this question, If you were to die today, when would you die again. Would it be in a year, 10 years, 100 years? 

        This comes down to a few things. First of which is the contents of your life, we tend to remember people that had an impact on the world whether good or bad. Look at someone like Sir Issac Newton, we remember him for all he’s done for the world of math and physics. Thus even 300 years after his passing he is still remembered. We also remember those that did something bad, for example, Gengis Khan, who killed so many and who now has over 16 million people related to him living on earth. His legacy stood the test of time for over 700 years. 

        I think two things are important here: How long will you be “alive” for and your story. I personally would prefer positive stories, but we can learn from the negative ones as well. As they say, history repeats itself and it's our job to learn from it. 

        Back then people had to work extremely hard to procure their legacy. They built monuments, conquered empires, or devoted their lives to the pursuit of knowledge. We are so lucky that it's so much easier to share our legacy with the world. Everything we do with our lives can be recorded with pictures and videos. That is how we honor so many people every year and make their memory last forever. 

        The Idea is a database of lives, the platform chosen for this project is YouTube as videos can be watchable by anyone in the world. It’s connected to the internet so ideally as long as the internet exists so will your story. Also, any money generated via YouTube platform can be used to erect monuments honoring people or allow for the construction of a place that can store these messages and stories for eternity, something along the lines of the seed vault. We have this technology to help us live forever even after we pass. In this YouTube channel, we can go around asking people to share their stories, their hopes, dreams, failures, successes, knowledge, wisdom, compassion. We can approach old age homes to gain and record so many life experiences. With all this, we can help to honor their memory even after they pass. We can take their advice and learn from their mistakes. Through this, we can remember what they looked like, how they spoke, and what they accomplished. Even if they didn't do anything great with their lives, their story is just as important.

        We watch people's “fake” stories all the time on tv and give the entertainment industry millions in order to keep doing so. It is about time we have something that allows us to watch the lives of real people. That way in 100 years, 1000 years, people can learn, and gather inspiration from our triumphs as well as our failures. 

        I wanted to admit my flaw here, I’ve been meaning to start such a project on YouTube for a while now, but fear of failure has made me stagnant. So I am asking anyone that reads this if you are interested in starting such a project please reach out on my contact me page. Together we can make people immortal all the while continuing to reach a greater potential. Thanks for reading!

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