Ideas To Increase Voter Turnout

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So we all know that voting is essential in any democracy to enact meaningful change in our system. Yet how many of us go out to vote. With the digital age, voting has become easier yet voter turnouts remain the same. I believe the following solutions can mitigate the problem. 

The first idea is quite radical, make election days a mandatory work holiday. That way everyone can stop blaming work for keeping them from voting. We’ve created work holidays for days that are far less important. Voting allows us to create a government that will last for years to come. For something that important, losing a day of work is no big deal. This naturally comes with problems as people may decide just to stay home and spend time with their family. This can be countered by allowing workplaces to gather at a certain time on this day then go and vote together. In return for a free day off employees spending an hour, voting is no big deal. 

Now there is a less extreme version of this where instead of giving everyone the day off instead we make a mandatory paid break where everyone has enough time to vote and get back to work. I think this is the better solution and since voting only happens once every few years I don’t think it will have any economic impact in the long term. I think this will create a voting culture in the workplace allowing people to motivate each other to go out and vote. Why?, well if you see 5 of your co-workers going to vote I think you’d be more inclined to do the same. 

The next idea is to allow phone messages telling you to vote and a link to find out your closest voting station. Similar to the amber alert system, or emergency warning system. Why is it worth using this system, well that's because voting is essential and something that affects all is lives. We, the people have one brief moment to control what we stand for, how many times have we been affected by politicians. We can choose yet we don't take it. If that's not a crisis I don't know what is.  We all find those phone alerts annoying but we’ve seen actions that directly were the result of those alerts. So if we see the alert to vote then honestly we should have no excuse to take action. 

Social media needs to be used as a tool for election, heck that's one of the reasons Trump got elected. Companies like Facebook and twitter should help the government increase their voter turnout. Not only does it make for good PR but it makes people more involved with the whole voting process.  Also, these platforms can gain a lot of money from political ad revenue. These platforms can improve voter turnout by sending everyone a reminder on voting day or even before the voting day for that matter. Make a button that says “I have voted” and allow people to showcase their accomplishments on their posts and in their messages. Make voting exciting and fun.  When an election is nearby add some direct links to aid people to get the information they need to vote. Think of the headline “Facebook helps to increase voter turnout by 25% by working with the election commission”. Sounds good right! 

It’s truly important to vote but its also important to abstain from voting. It is not always that we get the people we want to represent us. Now abstaining, in this case, means voting for neither candidate but instead selecting the option to abstain from voting on your ballot. Increased voter turnout means more people can voice their opinions. Even if that opinion is that they want neither candidate to win. Abstaining can allow us to criticize our representation and allow for newer and better choices. How many times have we voted for one person just to make sure that the other person doesn't get voted in? With larger numbers, fear voting can be lessened to allow for a truer election. So go out and vote even If you don't vote for anyone. 

For those that say young people are the future, why aren't we modifying our system to allow these young people to remember to vote? Young People are on social media and use their phones. To get to them shouldn't we be using the same platforms to encourage them to vote. More young people voting means a better country, better representation, and it inspires the rest of us to join them and vote. 

In all, we need to fix our system and regain our power. This is so we don’t get stuck repeating the same mistakes for years to come. Let's put better people in power so that we can live better lives. Go out there and VOTE!