10 Ideas To Be A Better Human Today


10 Ideas To Be A Better Human Today



          Humans are inherently able to empathize with others. Many of us sometimes get droned out by life to the point where we become blind to people struggling around us. Being a good human should just be being human. Seeing people starve, struggle, and hurt just breaks my heart. To help them out should be second nature to us, sadly many walk by and carry on in their life. Some people dedicate their lives to helping others, and they are the true humans among us. If every human on this planet did their part in being better the world would be a better place. So let us start, here are 10 ideas for you to be a better human being today. 

1. Call a charity to Volunteer: Do not worry, you do not need to volunteer today. Just make the call to a local charity and arrange a day where you can go, volunteer. Whatever date, time, and place work for you. Charities often run on volunteer support, and by helping them out, you can give your time to a good cause. Heck, take your family or friends with you and make it a memorable occasion. If everyone gave an hour a week, imagine the things we could accomplish. Charities can include a soup kitchen, community recreation center, a community garden, picking up trash. Just give you time and do it with a smile. Make the call because it is worth it.    

2. Donate Something You Don't Use: We all have the stuff that we never use lying around the house. This can be canned goods, clothes, toys, books, and much more. There are always those who are less fortunate, and these things can go a long way. Imagine giving a kid your old stuffed animals. Seeing their smiles would be an amazing feeling. Donate one of your many suits or dresses to the high school student that can not afford an outfit to prom. Just thinking about the impact these simple acts can make; brings me to tears of joy and hope.    

3. Redirect gifts: This can go two ways you can ask people you care about to donate to a charity or a foundation instead of giving you a gift for your birthday, or any special holiday. The other thing is to give your gifts forward. For those that are blessed with many people around them that give them gifts, I ask that you donate some of them to someone else who might want it or need it. Spread the wealth. You can also give the gift of Christmas to a kid in Africa by redirecting your gifts.  

4. Stop to Help: If you see someone that looks like they're struggling, help them. This can be when someone has a flat tire, are lost, stuck in a ditch, or unable to carry their groceries. Simple acts of kindness go a long way. Sometimes all they need is a push or to use a cell phone. In the end, tell them to pay it forward. Changing the world one kind act at a time.

5. Buy food for a homeless person: Now, many people give money. Sure money is good, but you can never predict what it would be used for. Food is a good way to go because homeless people often don’t get the chance to have a good nutritious meal. Another thing you can do is give something they need. Some examples include hygiene products, blankets, an umbrella, or a jacket. One important thing, please don’t publicize your good deed. It's just not right. Unless you're raising money for the cause via the platform, you're sharing the picture or video on. Don’t use helping someone in hardship as a publicity stunt.     

6. Lend your ear: Sometimes, the people around you need someone that will listen to them. All of us have moments where we could have used someone to listen to us but had no one available. Be the person that listens to someone else. Lending your ear also means taking the time and listen to the stories of those around you, especially the elderly. They are so wise and can give you wise insight into this thing called life. Just listen. 

7. Teach: Everyone has a skill that they are good at. Teach it to someone else. This can be as simple as helping a kid in your neighborhood with math. Other examples include: teaching your co-worker a technology-related skill, teaching your grandma how to send an email, or teaching someone how to draw. There are way too many skilled people and not enough teachers.

8. Send A Nice Message: There are not enough kind messages in this world. With the age of social media, it has become easier than ever to send a message to someone. Pick someone random you follow or are friends with and send them a nice message. Post something inspirational and kind on your socials. Go old school and send a letter to a local elder at a care home. Most of all, say it in person to at least one person a day. Words do wonders for self-confidence and help people have great days.  

9. Do a Chore: This is a simple one, do a chore means to do something for either your family or someone that lives around you. This can be something easy, like offering to do the laundry for your entire family. Other examples include mowing a neighbors lawn, washing someone's car for them, or doing the dishes. I know its work, but it is a good deed that will bring joy to the person you're helping. It's also good exercise.    

10. Love: I feel like the word love has been warped, to only mean something romantic. But love is so much more than that. It can be given and received by anyone. Love to put it simply, is to care about someone’s or something’s well being. It is also to take action to improve that person's life. Love your neighbors, your friends, and that stray cat that wanders your neighborhood. It is a cruel world out there, so we all need to love with every fiber of our being. Show your love through actions of kindness.

Nothing on this list is something that is out of reach for any of us. I want you to answer honestly, how many of these things do you do? We can all be better humans. Right? Start with the ideas here, and let us each become a true human being and all it should stand for.