4 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During Quarantine


            This post goes out to all the hardworking parents out there. Raising kids is not easy. Especially since you and your kid are stuck at home due to quarantine. Even so, getting to spend time with your little one is amazing, but sometimes you can get more than you bargained for. So here are 4 ideas to keep your kids busy during the quarantine. 

  1. Chores: This one not only helps your child keep busy but allows you to take care of your home in the process. Chores range from picking up their toys to washing dishes. Throw a little incentive in, and you can easily keep them busy for a bit while you get some work done for your new online job. Doing chores also develops a good habit that is essential for kids to learn, which is to take care of the space they inhabit. According to Psychology Today chores allow for the acquisition of new skills, that also helps the child to foster positive self-esteem when they complete a task. I like to think of it as teaching them a life lesson early, which they can carry with them as they grow.

  1. Activities that allow the child to foster artistic creativity: This includes painting, coloring, and an in-home talent show, and jewelry, or map-making. These activities allow children to get a skill that may not be taught in school. By doing such activities, children can explore a variety of skill sets. In doing so, they find something they love. I was lucky that my parents allowed me to explore my creative side when I was younger. Exploring the arts allowed me to gain a critical part of myself that fuels my creativity and innovation. Even if I don’t end up pursuing an artistic career, the skills learned are applicable everywhere. I believe every child deserves this kind of opportunity as it opens up their life to so many different paths.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is crucial for child development as it keeps them both physically and mentally healthy. Especially now, since they are at home. They don’t get recess as they would if they were at school. Being stuck at home can do a number on anyone, even kids, who are usually around a friend will have to cope with being home without seeing them. Exercise can be playtime in the yard or a friendly in house fort building competition. By doing this, you allow them not to feel cooped up, and instead, you allow for adventurous instincts to take over and make the best out of any situation. Makeshift sports also work like backyard hockey/soccer or at-home bowling set up. Even a swimming pool or a waterslide works. The possibilities are there, and you need to find the best one that works for your situation. 

  1. Screen Time: We live in an age where screens are everywhere. Some people may say that electronic devices should stay away from children. I believe that when used correctly, these devices can be used as a tool for learning and stress reduction. I remember when I was a kid, there were so many cool learning gadgets for kids like LeapFrog. This allows them to have fun while learning by completing kid-friendly games. Nowadays, an IPad or an Android tablet contains so many educational games and even children's books/stories. By limiting the use of such a device, a parent can ideally create a positive reinforcement relationship with their child that can teach them control and responsibility. This is critical because this will allow them to build a good relationship with technology.    

            In all, I would like to applaud all the parents out there. For their adaptability and strength, in such an unprecedented time. Special shout out to the parents of the new baby in my family. I am a proud uncle and can not wait to share my ideas with my nephew. Finally, keep on persevering and have hope despite what life throws at you, because after a hurricane comes a rainbow. 




  1. These is vere helpful.. i have two kids at home and making them busy is a little bit struggle for me


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