5 Ideas For A Quarantine Date Night


5 Ideas For A Quarantine Date Night

            The romantic in me has inspired this post. Being stuck at home has been lonely at times. Not being able to meet the people you care about in-person tests relationships. Even though I am single, I can still give good advice. So here are 5 ideas for a quarantine date night. 

  1. Play a video game together: This is an idea that can be applied to all relationships and not just romantic ones. There are tons of multiplayer games couples, or friends can play together. If you do not have a console, there are many games you can play on your computer. You can play games ranging from The Sims to Call of Duty. Not to mention, there are games like Truth or Dare, Catan, and Cards Against Humanity that have online versions. Playing games is a great way to get to know someone better and also have fun in the meantime. Also, I feel like people let their guard down when gaming making it a great icebreaker. So call up the girl you like or the friend you want to have fun with and let the games begin!

  1. Read a book together and discuss it: This is the other alternative for you non-gamers. Books are great because they give you an easy conversation starter. I feel like I am more inclined to read if I know someone is reading the book with me. After reading a chapter or a book, you can discuss it with your partner. Doing this opens a path for direct communication that allows you to get to know someone better. You can start talking about the book and 30 minutes later, end up talking about something else entirely. If you run out of stuff to talk about, take turns reading the next chapter together.  

  1. Dress up and have a romantic meal online: Just because you are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional date. Take the time to put on something nice and cook a meal you like. Ask your date to do the same and voila you have an e-date. A positive thing about doing this is that you get to make or order what you like to eat and not worry about allergies, diets, or intolerances. It is a golden opportunity to show off those cooking skills. The act of getting dressed up adds more magic to the occasion. Also, the food at restaurants is expensive, so e-dates do save you money. E-dates are a no-hassle way to spend time with a loved one, especially when all the restaurants around you are closed due to COVID. 

  1. Netflix and Chill while on Zoom, Facetime, or Skype: This applies to any movie or streaming platform. You can screen share your Netflix screen and watch a movie or a show together. The best thing about this is you have 100% choice over what you want to watch. So pick a movie or show you both like and watch it together. You can also make yourself a snack in the process. 

  1. Go on a virtual outdoor date: Nothing can stop you from going out together virtually. Turn on Zoom or Facetime and show the girl or guy you like a place you enjoy. Whether its a park, monument, trail, you can share with a loved one virtually. Also, many museums, zoos, and other places have virtual tours that you and someone else can join from the safety of your homes. This allows you both to get outside or go to a place you have never been to before. Imagine going to a museum in Paris virtually, which is a magical date in my book. So do some planning and have a quarantine tour de Paris. 

        In all, I know the times have been rough on many of us. The beauty of these ideas is that even single people like me can use them to have fun with their friends. The coronavirus has stressed some relationships, in turn making us feel lonely and affecting our mental health. I hope that these ideas will help you to stay connected to the ones you care about, and thanks again for reading my blog.