5 Ideas to Feel Better After a Breakup


5 Ideas to Feel Better After a Breakup

    Breakups are rough. Especially when you were in a relationship for a long time and when it is over self-care is important to practice. So, here are 9 ideas to help you feel better after your heart is broken. 

  1. Breakup playlist: With the invention of Spotify, this step is easy to do. Music has always been my go-to after a rough moment in life. Music allows us to feel and process emotions better. It also allows us to relax and be distracted. It is honestly amazing what a good breakup song can do for the soul. Take the time to create that playlist and block out the world and get to your happy space. My personal favorite is Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo. 

  2. Talk to people about it: You should take the time to tell people about your breakup because this works to get your feelings out there and deal with it. Also, a little empathy from another helps you deal with everything. Processing emotions after a breakup is a crucial part of moving on and getting to a better mental state. This is nice about this is that it can be anyone: parents, friends, bartender, random person you meet, or a chat app on your phone. Let's start ranting!

  3. Make plans with others: Now, people in relationships tend to forget about the other people in their lives. Your breakup has given you the chance to reconnect with these people and allow you to rebuild relationships. Go out camping with the family, go to the bar with your friends. This keeps you busy and keeps you social. Every bit helps.

  4. Hobbies are great: Get a hobby or go back to an old hobby! This is great as it keeps you busy while doing something you like. What's more, is that there are so many hobbies out there to choose from. You can always get a pet, but make sure you are in it 100%. Other hobbies include fishing, hiking, binging anime/TV, gaming, and sports. Find something you like and go for it. 

  5. Get the help you need: Like any rough time in our lives, it is important to realize when you need help and push yourself to go for it. Talking to a therapist or another adult will allow someone with experience to help you go through it. This is always a hard thing to do, but honestly, it is ok to ask for help when you need it. If you are struggling with getting the help you need, the alternative is practicing self-care by journaling, talking to a friend, or even writing a song about it. If it works for musicians, it can work for you as well. Let the people around you in and let them help you because that is why they are there.    

In all, you are not alone, as many of us go through what you are going through right now. Start with the ideas above and force yourself through it if you have to. There is light at the end of the tunnel. With time all wounds heal, so give yourself that time. Just know that you are loved and will get through this.