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5 Ideas to Feel Better After a Breakup

         Breakups are rough. Especially when you were in a relationship for a long time and when it is over self-care is important to practice. So, here are 9 ideas to help you feel better after your heart is broken.  Breakup playlist: With the invention of Spotify, this step is easy to do. Music has always been my go-to after a rough moment in life. Music allows us to feel and process emotions better. It also allows us to relax and be distracted. It is honestly amazing what a good breakup song can do for the soul. Take the time to create that playlist and block out the world and get to your happy space. My personal favorite is Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo.  Talk to people about it: You should take the time to tell people about your breakup because this works to get your feelings out there and deal with it. Also, a little empathy from another helps you deal with everything. Processing emotions after a breakup is a crucial part of moving on and getting to a better mental state. This