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Using Biochar To Save The Planet

           Carbon dioxide is the main component responsible for climate change. Currently, we have no sustainable solution to limit the amount of carbon dioxide we produce as humans. This is causing us to continue to put CO2 into the atmosphere, adding to climate change.  However, with the utilization of carbon sequestration, we can at least attempt to become carbon neutral in a sustainable fashion. Carbon sequestration is when we take carbon from either the air or another source and place it deep into the ground. This allows us to walk back some of the CO2 we put into the atmosphere. It is sustainable because the carbon stays in the ground for a long time. One such carbon sequestration project is biochar.  Biochar is charcoal that is made from biomass via a process known as pyrolysis. Biomass is any plant or animal material that is used in energy production. Some examples include the waste from food crops, wood leftovers, and even animal manure. Pyrolysis is a process where carb

5 Natural And Renewable Sources To Harvest Electricity

Energy is all around us and in the natural movements of this world. It can come from all sources and sizes. The ideal is to allow us to fight against climate change with alternative energy sources. You may already know most of these but here they are. Volcanoes/Geothermal energy We have this bounty of energy beneath us that we can use. A typical electric generator uses steam to turn the generator in turn producing electricity. To create this steam water needs to be boiled in large quantities. Coal, oil, and natural gas are some of the main sources of fuel for these large scale boilers. As you know they are extremely bad for the environment as they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Now we have a natural heat source on this planet that has no rival and that's volcanoes. Included in these categories are guizers, magma chambers, and other volcano-related phenomena. This heat can be used to boil water to produce the steam needed for the generator. Such a feat has been accomplishe

Rollable Solar Panels

Rollable solar panels are the future. Why? This is because they’re cheap and easy to make. Normal solar panels take much longer because of the structure and its materials. Conventional panels take a lot more metal and require more manual labor to be put into when making them. Rollable solar panels are kind of like making paper. I say this because it's all about putting a few layers together and smashing them good with each other. This technology is about as simple as a silicon layer and a few other metal layers in between two bendable sheets of plastic or glass. The impressive thing with this is that you can ideally make it as long as you want and as wide as you want. This type of solar panel is great for several reasons, but the most prominent is the fact that the panel is rollable. This means that you can install and uninstall this device with no hassle; it’s as simple as rolling it up. Can you think of anything that can do the same? You guessed it from projection screens. Imagin

A Street Car Named Energy

               Cars are one of the most well-known causes of greenhouse emissions and climate change, and the push for change is coming faster than ever with the introduction of all-electric cars. Sadly this revolution is taking time since we're trying to invent new ways of going electric despite already having the technology and potential infrastructure. How you may ask, here's a hint it has something to do with streetcars.            Let us start with how a streetcar functions. Streetcars are all-electric and they run along main roads powered solely by electric overhead wires. They take this electricity and use it to power its metal wheels. The reason streetcars have metal wheels is to ground the large amounts of electricity they receive and prevent electrocution of surrounding creatures. Streetcars have one or more overhead poles that run along with the electric wire gathering electricity. Typically streetcars need only one pole to run because the steel wheels and tracks are