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4 Ideas That Countries Can Implement To Re-engineer Their Waste

Trash is everywhere, in our oceans, in our landfills, and sometimes on our roadsides. Trash is devastating for the environment. It is proven that plastics negatively impact marine life. Additionally, food waste also adds Methane to the atmosphere, and landfills cause toxic chemicals to leak into the ground, poisoning groundwater. Re-engineering means to take a product and modify it for another purpose that is useful to us humans. Trash is not useless as it can be re-engineered for a purpose, rather than ending up in our landfills and oceans. So here are 5 ideas that countries can implement to re-purpose their waste. 
New Roads: A lot of the stuff people throw out are plastics. Plastic is derived from crude oil. Roads are paved with very similar stuff that is called bitumen, which is a petroleum-based binding agent in asphalt. The waste plastic is turned into pellets that are melted and converted into bitumen. Afterward, it is mixed with the asphalt, and voila, you got a road that saves…

5 Natural And Renewable Sources To Harvest Electricity

Energy is all around us and in the natural movements of this world. It can come from all sources and sizes. The ideal is to allow us to fight against climate change with alternative energy sources. You may already know most of these but here they are.
Volcanoes/Geothermal energy
We have this bounty of energy beneath us that we can use. A typical electric generator uses steam to turn the generator in turn producing electricity. To create this steam water needs to be boiled in large quantities. Coal, oil, and natural gas are some of the main sources of fuel for these large scale boilers. As you know they are extremely bad for the environment as they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Now we have a natural heat source on this planet that has no rival and that's volcanoes. Included in these categories are guizers, magma chambers, and other volcano-related phenomena. This heat can be used to boil water to produce the steam needed for the generator. Such a feat has been accomplishe…

Why We Still Don't Have Electric Planes

Planes have revolutionized the way we travel. We can now get to our destinations with much more ease and convenience than ever before. Sadly, taking trips often is too expensive for us regular folk. There is a solution and that is the idea for the electric plane. 

What is technology?Electric planes have been around for a long time. You may know them as toy planes or dronesAll that is needed is to use that technology as a model and scale up the operationElectric planes have been created before and have sustained flight. Ultimately the main reason they are not in the market is because of the lack of battery technology
Limitations Due To The BatteryTo fly a plane it takes a lot of fuel, about a gallon of fuel a second. A battery will need to produce enough electricity to be able to match that which is produced by fuel. 
A battery's ability to hold power is measured in specific energy. Right now even the best batteries only have 250 Wh/kg (watt-hours per kilogram). To start flying we nee…

10 Ideas To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We are all guilty of not doing our part in the fight against climate change. It is funny how the pandemic is giving us the ability to walk back a very small amount of harm we caused the environment. The air is getting cleaner in some places and wildlife are inhabiting parts of the world that they once stood clear of. I think this is a chance for us to reflect on the impact that we humans have on the environment. So let's take this one step further here are 10 ideas to help you save the earth!
Use Fluorescent Bulbs: Fluorescent bulbs have been around for a while yet whenever I walk around I always see Incandescent ones. Fluorescents not only take a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs do but they last longer. They are also brighter by comparison. I do go to admit I have an incandescent light bulb in my room but I’ll change mine if you pledge to find the ones in your home and change them as well. By doing so not only will you reduce your energy bill but also your carbon foo…

Rollable Solar Panels

Rollable solar panels are the future. Why? This is because they’re cheap and easy to make. Normal solar panels take much longer because of the structure and its materials. Conventional panels take a lot more metal and require more manual labor to be put into when making them. Rollable solar panels are kind of like making paper. I say this because it's all about putting a few layers together and smashing them good with each other. This technology is about as simple as a silicon layer and a few other metal layers in between two bendable sheets of plastic or glass. The impressive thing with this is that you can ideally make it as long as you want and as wide as you want.
This type of solar panel is great for several reasons, but the most prominent is the fact that the panel is rollable. This means that you can install and uninstall this device with no hassle; it’s as simple as rolling it up. Can you think of anything that can do the same? You guessed it from projection screens. Imagin…

A Lakesized Battery

Hello everyone today I'm going to talk about a lake-sized battery as you know batteries are used to store electricity by typically using electrochemistry.  Batteries are important because they allow users to store electricity and use it whenever convenient. Now, as you probably thought a lake-sized lithium-ion battery, just sounds bizarre. Well, today I'm not going to talk about electrochemical batteries but instead a new kind of them. 
Gravitational batteries sound cool, right! We’ll there actually not out there from existing machines. The purpose of a gravitational battery is to store energy. When there is a surplus of electricity the grav-battery performs a task that goes against gravity (eg lifting something, or pumping something up). When there is a need for electricity the grav-battery releases the thing that it lifted or pumped. It then “falls” and charges an electrical generator sending that electricity back to the grid. 
Here let me give you an example, take a hydroelec…

A Street Car Named Energy

Cars are one of the most well-known causes of greenhouse emissions and climate change, and the push for change is coming faster than ever with the introduction of all-electric cars. Sadly this revolution is taking time since we're trying to invent new ways of going electric despite already having the technology and potential infrastructure. How you may ask, here's a hint it has something to do with streetcars. 
Let us start with how a streetcar functions. Streetcars are all-electric and they run along main roads powered solely by electric overhead wires. They take this electricity and use it to power its metal wheels. The reason streetcars have metal wheels is to ground the large amounts of electricity they receive and prevent electrocution of surrounding creatures. Streetcars have one or more overhead poles that run along with the electric wire gathering electricity. Typically streetcars need only one pole to run because the steel wheels and tracks are enough to ground electri…