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4 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During Quarantine

                                           This post goes out to all the hardworking parents out there. Raising kids is not easy. Especially since you and your kid are stuck at home due to quarantine. Even so, getting to spend time with your little one is amazing, but sometimes you can get more than you bargained for. So here are 4 ideas to keep your kids busy during the quarantine.  Chores: This one not only helps your child keep busy but allows you to take care of your home in the process. Chores range from picking up their toys to washing dishes. Throw a little incentive in, and you can easily keep them busy for a bit while you get some work done for your new online job. Doing chores also develops a good habit that is essential for kids to learn, which is to take care of the space they inhabit. According to Psychology Today chores allow for the acquisition of new skills, that also helps the child to foster positive self-esteem when they complete a task. I like to think of it as tea