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5 Ideas For A Quarantine Date Night

                         The romantic in me has inspired this post. Being stuck at home has been lonely at times. Not being able to meet the people you care about in-person tests relationships. Even though I am single, I can still give good advice. So here are 5 ideas for a quarantine date night.  Play a video game together: This is an idea that can be applied to all relationships and not just romantic ones. There are tons of multiplayer games couples, or friends can play together. If you do not have a console, there are many games you can play on your computer. You can play games ranging from The Sims to Call of Duty. Not to mention, there are games like Truth or Dare, Catan, and Cards Against Humanity that have online versions. Playing games is a great way to get to know someone better and also have fun in the meantime. Also, I feel like people let their guard down when gaming making it a great icebreaker. So call up the girl you like or the friend you want to have fun with and let

10 Ideas To Be A Better Human Today

                          Humans are inherently able to empathize with others. Many of us sometimes get droned out by life to the point where we become blind to people struggling around us. Being a good human should just be being human. Seeing people starve, struggle, and hurt just breaks my heart. To help them out should be second nature to us, sadly many walk by and carry on in their life. Some people dedicate their lives to helping others, and they are the true humans among us. If every human on this planet did their part in being better the world would be a better place. So let us start, here are 10 ideas for you to be a better human being today.  1. Call a charity to Volunteer: Do not worry, you do not need to volunteer today. Just make the call to a local charity and arrange a day where you can go, volunteer. Whatever date, time, and place work for you. Charities often run on volunteer support, and by helping them out, you can give your time to a good cause. Heck, take your fami

Soy Milk From A Cow?

           So this is an idea that is very close to my heart because of Rotary. Rotary is an international service organization that has been making meaningful changes for several decades now. Everything from building schools to eradicating polio. (A link to them is here) . So the reason why this organization is close to me is that I’ve been a part of my local rotary chapter at different levels for the past 8 years and after giving so many great experiences for me to remember, they deserve a shout out. The mechanical cow is an idea that Rotary helped create and I wanted to share it with you all today.        So what is it, It's a machine that takes soybeans and water to produce soy milk. How does it work? Well, it takes soaked soybeans and puts them in a pressure cooker, and when steam is inserted into the system it pours out protein-rich soy milk and okara. This okara is the insoluble stuff but it can be used for bread among other things. Now, this system can be either run by elec

Politicians for people

          This is a lighter piece from my last one and before I start I just wanna thanks for the support I’ve gotten for this blog. So let us start with a great idea, this one is not revolutionary but is quite good. So the hypothetical here is if I became elected official (eg. district counselor) of a neighborhood how would I go about making change. We’ll before I start just to put it out there I do have dislike for politics only because it is so hard to make a meaningful difference. I hope this idea can help all politicians at least start thinking in the right direction and use innovation to make more of an impact.  Let us get started, so I'm a newly elected official, first I start by going to all the high schools and gather students to help volunteer for me. This intern helps them complete mandatory volunteer hours and gets them a good experience for jobs. I’ll feed them and give them the recognition of course. So these volunteers will have a fairly simple job where they stand

Non-lethal Weapons and Peaceful protesting

With all that's going on in the world, I wanted to first start by saying that it saddens my heart to see police brutality occur in the United States. I watched the video and my heart ached to see that man pinned down by 3 cops for over 7 minutes. To my eyes, it seemed unnecessary and the definition of excessive use of force. I got my security guard license recently and in the course, we learned how to properly apprehend someone, to the best of my knowledge what happened that day was way off the charts. Now this being an idea blog I wanted to share some ideas with you to stop this tragedy from occurring again. The first being non-lethal weapons, Just how many times does an innocent need to be shot dead for us to commit to making this change. Technology has advanced so far that both the safety of the officer and the person in question can be safeguarded. I wanted to talk about guns that are not equipped with bullets but instead taser bullets. This technology exists and is relativel