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Ideas To Increase Voter Turnout

So we all know that voting is essential in any democracy to enact meaningful change in our system. Yet how many of us go out to vote. With the digital age, voting has become easier yet voter turnouts remain the same. I believe the following solutions can mitigate the problem.  The first idea is quite radical, make election days a mandatory work holiday . That way everyone can stop blaming work for keeping them from voting. We’ve created work holidays for days that are far less important. Voting allows us to create a government that will last for years to come. For something that important, losing a day of work is no big deal. This naturally comes with problems as people may decide just to stay home and spend time with their family. This can be countered by allowing workplaces to gather at a certain time on this day then go and vote together. In return for a free day off employees spending an hour, voting is no big deal.  Now there is a less extreme version of this where instead of giv

Got a question? Poll it!

          In this age of information and technology, it has become more important now than ever to use it to solve big problems. With the power of information, you can do a lot, even win elections, hence why politicians are now paying social media companies a lot of money to help brand them. On the other hand, it can be used to solve problems. This includes problems like world hunger and first world problems like which phone should I get. With access to information, you can target specific places that need food rations and also find out which is the best phone for your price range.            So the idea is an app called poll it. How it works is that people, companies, governments, organizations can all post questions that they want to be answered poll style. Users will be able to answer these questions whenever they want and it won’t take more than a minute to do so.  A poll like who do you think will win the 2020 election in the United States. People can pick from a list of candidat