A Street Car Named Energy

               Cars are one of the most well-known causes of greenhouse emissions and climate change, and the push for change is coming faster than ever with the introduction of all-electric cars. Sadly this revolution is taking time since we're trying to invent new ways of going electric despite already having the technology and potential infrastructure. How you may ask, here's a hint it has something to do with streetcars.            Let us start with how a streetcar functions. Streetcars are all-electric and they run along main roads powered solely by electric overhead wires. They take this electricity and use it to power its metal wheels. The reason streetcars have metal wheels is to ground the large amounts of electricity they receive and prevent electrocution of surrounding creatures. Streetcars have one or more overhead poles that run along with the electric wire gathering electricity. Typically streetcars need only one pole to run because the steel wheels and tracks are